Content Management System

Wordpress development Malta bases its content managed sites on wordpress. WordPress is an open source content management system that has been chosen by over 60 million people to power the place on the web.

We have chosen this system for its power and ability to be customised to suit the unique needs of our diverse client base, and for its ease of use by non-technical people!

This powerful CMS can be modularised and customised to accommodate almost any business solution. It comes with an impressive range of standard features and an even more impressive range of optional modules to meet your every need.


Complete Content Control:

Businesses demand changes. Some change monthly, some daily and some even hourly. With so much change it may sometimes feel as if you’re not in control, but with the Content Management System, there is one thing you do have control over – your web content.

Our standard Content Management System comes with:

  • Ability to add, edit, hide or delete pages across the website.
  • A simple to use ‘what you see is what you get’ (WYSIWYG) editor for editing the content on pages; including uploading images, inserting hyperlinks, embedding YouTube clips and more.
  • News or Blog Manager Module, allowing for the creation and management of articles with the option to link to external sites and insert files for download.
  • Search Engine Optimisation tools such as unique page titles and meta descriptions, as well as search-friendly URLS to allow for better ranking in the search engines.
  • Advanced site search functionality to help website visitors to find exactly what they’re searching for.